Privacy Policy of Ricky Casino

Preliminary Declaration:

Ricky Casino, abiding by stringent gambling laws, is obligated to meticulously process the personal information of our esteemed players to facilitate the provision of games and an array of supplemental services. The inception of an account on our platform necessitates your consent to the management and handling of your personal data in adherence to this exhaustive Privacy Policy. Prior to establishing your account, please assimilate the provisions of this policy meticulously.

Australian Client Privacy Preservation:

This Privacy Policy has been meticulously formulated to cater to the privacy requisites of our Australian clientele, ensuring their informational integrity while enjoying Ricky Casino’s multifarious services.

Jurisdictive Content:

Adherence to this privacy policy is concomitant with the acceptance of our elaborate Terms and Conditions, which govern the comprehensive interaction and engagement between Ricky Casino and its users.

Informational Acquisition and Retention:

At Ricky Casino, our endeavors to enhance service quality and fortify player security necessitate the collection, retention, and utilization of players’ personal details. These specifics serve as foundational elements in the formulation of tailored bonus offers and promotional endeavors, elevating the user experience. Concurrently, they enable us to establish protective barricades against fraudulent activities and uphold the principles of fair gaming.

Consensual Conditions:

By engaging with Ricky Casino, users inherently agree to the terms outlined within this policy, endorsing the ethical collection and utilization of their information.

Categories of Information Collected:

To maintain operational fluidity and security, we may solicit various personal details, listed but not limited to the following:

  • Details ascertained during the registration process such as name, contact number, email, and residential address.
  • Correspondences through varied communication mediums, including website interactions, application usages, emails, etc.
  • Comprehensive history of financial engagements and transactions.
  • Pertinent data including current location, browser specifics, activity logs, and more.
  • Documentation submitted for identity validation like passport photographs, bank details, utility bills, etc.
  • Responses and participations in assorted surveys.

The rights to solicit any or all of the aforementioned information are reserved by Ricky Casino.

Application of Collected Information:

The amalgamation of player-provided information aids in the refinement and augmentation of our services, with its utilization spanning across several domains including but not limited to:

  • Efficiently conducting gambling and financial activities.
  • Rendering an expansive spectrum of gaming and auxiliary services.
  • Facilitating prompt resolutions to queries and issues.
  • Undertaking regular account audits.
  • Scrutinizing payments to curtail fraudulent engagements and money laundering activities.
  • Disseminating promotional materials and partner-specific promotions.
  • Ensuring compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, focusing on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing initiatives.

Transmission of Data to External Entities:

Ricky Casino solemnly assures the non-disclosure of any player-specific details to unassociated third parties. The secure encryption of information provided to Ricky Casino is enabled by SSL technology, reinforcing our commitment to data security.
Legitimate disclosure of personal player information may be executed under specific circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Collaborating with law enforcement agencies in instances of suspected fraudulent activities.
  • Data exchanges with payment facilitators to streamline transactional processes.
  • Utilizing player information for promotional material formulation in cases of substantial winnings, with due player consent.

Any transmission of player-specific data to third-party entities will be meticulously conducted in adherence to current data protection legislations, ensuring that the recipient entities are bound by equivalent obligations as Ricky Casino.

Ensured Security and Integrity of Information:

Ricky Casino pledges the secured retention of personal information, utilizing advanced encryption technologies and rigorous security protocols to maintain informational integrity and confidentiality. Regular assessments and audits are conducted to fortify the security frameworks, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Users' Rights and Revocations:

Players retaining the right to revoke their consent to share personal details can execute their revocation by communicating their preference to our support team at Any queries, clarifications, or concerns regarding our privacy practices can be directed to our dedicated team member at

Marketing and Promotional Activities:

The player-specific information gathered serves as a pivotal element in the development of personalized marketing strategies and promotional activities. These endeavors are aimed at enhancing the player experience, providing value-added services, and fostering sustained engagement.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Ricky Casino stringently adheres to applicable legal frameworks and regulatory guidelines, ensuring that the operations are conducted within the bounds of law. The compliance mechanisms are regularly updated to accommodate any alterations in the legal landscapes, reinforcing our commitment to lawful and ethical operations.

Concluding Provisions:

This comprehensive privacy policy is indicative of Ricky Casino’s unwavering commitment to maintaining privacy, transparency, and integrity in all its interactions with the players. The diligent adherence to this policy ensures a secure, lawful, and enriched gaming experience for all our users, reinforcing the mutual trust and respect between Ricky Casino and its esteemed clientele.